The Clemmons Community Foundation manages several named funds established by individuals or groups. Most funds are set up with a specific charitable purpose. Some funds are set up that welcome additional contributions. All contributions are eligible for a tax deduction.

Below you will see a list of named funds that welcome additional contributions and a brief description. To make a donation to one or more of the funds listed, click on the name, which will take you to our secure credit card processor(Stripe). Stripe charges a fee of 2.9% + 0.30 on each transaction, which will be deducted from the donation amount.

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Fund Name Description
Community Impact Funds
Lewisville Clemmons Community Fund This fund supports grants, initiatives, and programs in the greater Clemmons and Lewisville area with a focus on transformational approaches to issues, interests, and needs.
Donor Advised Fund
Burkel Family Foundation Fund Ken Burkel has been one of the key leaders and communicators in shaping the Clemmons Community Foundation. The Burkel Family Foundation Fund has not only created a legacy for the Burkel family, but a legacy of leadership in the community.
Sandi Scannelli Fund Focuses on Arts and Culture, Environment and conservation, Nonprofit Leadership/Organizational Development, and Civic Engagement.
Field of Interest Funds
Thad and Mary Bingham Community Fund The Thad and Mary Bingham Community Fund supports non-profits in the Clemmons area with a special interest in youth and children, animal welfare, and addiction rehab and recovery.
The Chuck Alexander Fund Created in part by members of the Clemmons Rotary, in honor of Chuck Alexander who supported summer camp at Camp Hanes.
The Clemmons Rotary Fund The Clemmons Rotary Club Fund supports the charitable initiatives and projects of the Clemmons Rotary Club. Grants are recommended by a committee of Rotarians for charitable causes its members support.
Organization Endowment Funds
Women Who Care Fund Women Who Care About Community is a volunteer organization of women who deploy talent, skills and experience to programs and services in the greater Clemmons area, with special interest in helping single parents and families with children. Distributions support supplies and materials associated with their projects as well as grants to organizations that WWC recommends.
Other Funds
CCF Fund These funds maintain the day-to-day services and operations of the Clemmons Community Foundation enabling continued impact and service in the greater Lewisville-Clemmons area.
Scholarship and Award Funds
Mason H. Hunter Vocational Education Scholarship One of the Chamber scholarships, celebrating the life of Mason H. Hunter and focuses on occupational training.
The Shore Scholars Fund
The Vocational Educational Scholarship Award of the Lewisville Clemmons Chamber of Commerce The Vocational Education Scholarship Awards of the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce benefits area students seeking to continue vocational and occupational education and training. Scholarships may be awarded to one or more students based on the guidelines recommended by LCCC and the competitive scholarship award process established by the Community Foundation.
Other Funds